Indian Army Salaries Slip 2019, Chart by Rank for GD Clerk Soldier

Indian Army Salary 2019, Chart Per Month for GD Clerk Soldier : Indian Army Salary Chart, Salary of Soldier Clerk, GD Nursing Staff, various Allowance, Rent and Expenses of Indian Army.

Indian Army Salary Per Month for Jawan GD Clerk

Guys as we as a whole realize that the activity in the Indian Army - Wikipedia division gives an assortment of motivating forces and the offices to the individual who is in the Army or to his family. India imparts an immense fringe to numerous nations encompassing it which is required warriors to maintain a strategic distance from the attack of the adversaries for which they requires enormous number of individuals who are solid and are fit for conveying the obligations regarding which they are allocated. having work in the Army is a sheltered activity which accompanies finish benefits like professional stability, a decent pay and every one of the advantages it can cover for their more secure life. Indian armed force some portion of Ministry of safeguard alongside Indian Navy and Airforce represented by the focal government to anchor the land fringe of the nation.

Indian Army Salary By Rank Wise

The post in the army is divided in various bands 1 to 4. Band 1 & 2 are for the candidates those who get the job through the direct recruitment for this they need to get the education till high school and meet the eligibility criteria as set by the department.

  • Trainees
    Candidates get the who are trainees in the department they do not get the salary but they receive a stipend which is around 15000 to 20000.
  • Sepoy (Rifleman)
    The sepoy is also known as The Rifleman and their basic pay is around 5200 to 20200 along with the grade pay of 1800 and with other allowances.
  • Lance Naik & Naik
    Lance Naik and Naik get’s the salary 5200 to 20200 with the grade pay of 2000 and 30000 while the naik gets around 32000 to 35000 respectively
  • Havildar
    The person who is at the post of havildar gets the salary of around 40000 where is income is same but the various allowance get increases.
  • Subedar
    A Subedar gets a grade pay of 2800 and his military service is 2000 and X group pay is 1400 which takes his salary to 38000 to 40000.
  • Naib Subedar
    A Subedar is promoted to Naib Subedar here he gets a grade pay of 4600 and his military service is 2000 and X group pay is 1400 which takes his salary around 45000.
  • Subedar Major
    Subedar major is the promoted post of Naib Subedar where is salary is approx to 55000 to 60000.
  • Captain
    A Lieutenant is promoted to the post of captain and here his G.P. is 6100 and military service pay is 6000 and his total salary is 70000.
  • Major
    A person who is at major have a great responsibility and his salary gets spiked to 1,00,000.
  • Lieutenant colonel
    A person reaches at the post of lieutenant colonel after serving 12 to 13 years in the army here his grade pay increases to 8000 and his military service pay is 6000.
  • Colonel
    After fulfilling certain criteria a person gets promoted to the post of colonel and here his G.P is 700 more while the Military service pay remains the same and salary is below 1,00,000
  • Brigadier
    Brigadier is the post which is achieved after a long time serving the country here the grade pay is 8000 which makes his salary nearly 1,00,000 along with service pay
  • Major General
    A major general is a very respected post not in India only but in the world where he gets grade pay of 10000 but he won’t receive any service pay but is salary spikes up to 1,00,000.
  • Lieutenant General
    The salary of lieutenant general is between 67000 to 79000 but he gets the increment of 3% every year.